There’s A Place In My Dream..

Welcome, my friend…

Please have a sit on my cozy cloud couch, pretend it’s your own

There’s no rules

Just feel free and leave your worries away

cos now you’re in my dream, in my fantasy–where everything could be happened as long as you really want to make it happened

Close your eyes, relax on the tenderness of my sand and  feel the warmth of my sun, my friend

Put off your shoes, put off your socks then jump into my water. Just feel the coolness, enjoy the freshness

Pick my flower and plant some of them in your dream land, my friend

Turn the sky into polkadots if you don’t like the plain blue one

Face you fear then remove it one by one, my friend

See the world from various point of views and don’t let the winter makes you freeze

When the sky shed it’s tears, just make sure it’s because of its happiness

When the sun seems to be too tired n needs its rest, just let the light of your spirit take over your mind and help you through the dark night

There’s a place in my dream for everyone who wants to observe themselves..


Please have a sit on my cozy cloud couch, pretend it’s your own 🙂

2 Responses to “There’s A Place In My Dream..”

  1. ottyrancajale

    ini mengingatkan saya pada lirik lagunya the beatles, norwegian wood.
    ga sama sih
    tapi somehow, ya.
    find it out!



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