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Water Privatization Offends the Human Rights

The validation of legislation on water resources opens the opportunities to the capitalism to privatize the water resources. Whereas, water is a basic need the people must fulfill that because it is one of the parts of Human Rights. All of human activities will be blocked if the people lack of water. Privatization of water offends the human rights because it will make a dependency, fare exploitation, and economic downturn.

People need to access water for their daily necessity. Nevertheless, our Government cannot fulfill the obligation to ensure that all people in accessing the need for water. Government still has problems in water distribution to the public. In fact, water is not channeled to the community equally. Some private companies have controls and they dominate the water sources. Because the problem of water distribution is uneven, the people who need water prefer to buy drinks bottles or gallons to meet its water needs. It will cause people to feel overly dependent on private companies that control the water.

Besides, foreign enterprises have a large capital, advanced technology, and good human resources. It causes the domestic companies could not compete with foreign companies because of limited funds and technology and human resources. The situation is losing competitiveness and market advantage held by a foreign company that controls the water resources; they will lead to monopoly and oligopoly trade. Foreign companies control the market mechanism, and eventually lead to exploitation of the water tariff itself.

The dependence of society to the private companies who privatize water, and the fare exploitation by the foreign companies, give an effect that our country worse off economically, socially and politically. The problems that are also be factors driving the economic decline of our country are the growing population of the Indonesian state continuously. In addition, the level of consumption in society is also increasingly rising. Instead of peace, this habit even leads to people getting poorer, because water prices are expensive, as they still need water.

Signs of community dependence, exploitation rates, as well as the economic downturn are already beginning to be felt by our country, Indonesia. If this is allowed, the public welfare will not be achieved. Therefore, the privatization of water becomes homework for the government, legislative constitution, and constitutional court to review the legislation of water resources.

Manshur Zikri

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