Jakarta, 6:20 am

“What makes the artist, activist or social designer unique? As a person equipped with the competencies needed for incorporating a mutual plan into effect, s/he at the same time becomes both a listener to and a guide for local communities. S/he directs and sets in motion events or whle series of events, s/he finds specifitc solutions through immediate and active consultations with the participants. By designing solutions and acting in a certain context, s/he generally makes the initial condition better. By meeting expectations, s/he concentrate the desires of small communities and takes responsibiity for the solutions proposed, even if those solutions were to serve only for communication or play.”

—Krzysztof Łukomski (2016), “Social Design For Social Living”, dalam Social Design For Social Living, katalog pameran, 28 Juni-22 Juli, Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta. Hal. 9-10

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